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Sunday, November 27, 2011

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A Little Bit of Holiday Spirit!

This pic has always been a favorite around the holidays. It's non-denominational and can be used for many different occasions such as holiday parties, season's greetings and holiday sales.  You can easily customize this blank card by adding your logo, message and more. Consider using this or any of our blank eCards as a coupon for Cyber Monday sales. That's tomorrow!! Just use a photo/image editing program of your choice, add your logo and message, and upload your final design into your CorpNote account. You could also include a bar code or QR code, if you have the capability. There are lots of possibilities -- just think outside of the box!


The snowflake image was a photo of an ornament that was taken on a snowy December evening in Maine. It was then cut out and affected in Adobe Photoshop with lens flares and a gradient for the background.

Business Tip:

This card is great for Holiday sales and promotions, season's greetings and holiday party invitations but it could also be used as a follow up after meeting people at holiday parties. Just add your logo and some text like 'It was nice meeting you' etc. 

eCard Category: Holidays: Christmas, New Year, Season's Greetings, Winter Blank Cards: Templates & Backgrounds

Keywords: Christmas, New Year, Seasons Greetings, Winter Snowflake

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