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Find out what's important to your clients and employees with Online Surveys

The Survey Manager enables you to electronically manage survey responses. Easily compile results and create reports in any format you choose.

1. Create a survey
2. Send an eCard or post a link to the survey response form on your website or in social media
3. Track your responses

How it works. Respondents complete the online survey and the Survey Manager automatically records responses and allows you to print a detailed report of survey responses on an individual or aggregate basis and in a variety of formats.

Easily manage surveys with the online survey manager and send online surveys by customizing any eCard to track responses in real time.

Create an online survey in 3 easy steps

Step 1. Create a Survey

In the navigation, go to Surveys > Create a Survey. Enter your survey questions. You can include up to 20 questions that can be single answer, multiple choice or open text response.

At any time, preview your survey so you can see what your recipients will see.

Step 2. Compose an eCard with a link to your Survey

You can make any eCard design into an online survey. Just select a design and compose your message. Then use the 'Insert an Online Survey' area on the Compose screen to insert a 'Click Here to Reply' button that links to your survey response form.

Step 3. View and Manage your Responses

You can track your responses in real time and manage your surveys from the Survey Manager. The Survey Manager enables you to:

Manage Multiple Surveys

The Survey Manager allows you to create and manage multiple surveys.

You can have an unlimited number of surveys and survey responses -- it's all included in your monthly subscription.

If you need additional help, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or complete our Priority Email Support Form.

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