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My Account Page

This is the first page you see after you sign into your account. You can return to your home page by selecting [My Account > Overview] in the top navigation. Here's what you'll see:

Getting Started

Before sending your first eCard, we recommend that you customize your personal settings for professional results and to save time:

Signature - Your signature displays at the bottom of every eCard, and contains your name, logo, business contact information and social media links. View your signature on the Account Overview page or edit it by going to [My Account > Signature].

Tip: If you don't want all your signature information to appear on every card, you can deselect which fields are hidden in the next step.

Favorite Card Styles - Customize your preferred colors, fonts and styles, and which signature items you'd like displayed for each new eCard you create. You can always change these settings on each individual eCard to further personalize it. Set your Card Style preferences by going to [My Account > Favorite Styles].

Address Book - Using your CorpNote Address Book lets you address eCards quickly, and offers advanced features like first name auto-fill, anniversary and birthday reminders and more. You can also create Groups, which enable a fast, single-click solution to addressing large mailings. Import your contacts by going to [My Account > Address Book].

Tip: The online address book lets you store up to 5000 contacts for easy access and improved eCard tracking. If you want to send a quick eCard to up to 250 recipients with a single click, without adding contacts to your address book, then follow our directions to Add Recipients Individually.

CorpNote Support

Contact Us - Free Telephone Support: 609-406-1665 x.3 - Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm E.S.T.

Billing/Password Support - Update your credit card information or change your password by going to [My Account > Billing & Password]. Please do not send any credit card information via email, contact us forms or voicemail.

Canceling or re-activating your account - Your CorpNote membership is automatically billed monthly to the credit card you used to establish your account. There is no long-term commitment with your membership. If you wish to cancel or suspend your membership, use our online cancellation request form. Please cancel your account at least 4 days prior to your next billing date; otherwise, your card will automatically be billed on your renewal date.

You may reinstate your CorpNote account at any time by signing in with your original email address and password, and providing a valid credit card. All accounts that are reactivated within 30 days will retain all account data, including address book contacts, events and card history. (All contact information and message data in accounts older than 30 days will be deleted for security reasons.)

Thanks again for becoming a CorpNote member! We appreciate your business.
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