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What if I have several eCards for the same event, will I have to manage separate invitation lists for the one event?


No, you will have one invitation list and one response list for each event.
Invitations to one event can be sent with as many different eCards as you need. If you have 1,000 people on your guest list, you can easily copy your eCard and send the same invitation to as many people as you like. You are still managing only 1 event and your invitation list is automatically updated for you.

To access your invitation list (the people you sent eCards to), go to Invitations > Manage Events and click the 'Invitation List' button.

To access your guest responses, go to Invitations > Manage Responses.

Tip: Your address book can have an unlimited number of contacts. You can create Groups, which allow you to address eCard invitations quickly.


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