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How many people can I send my eCard to?


You can send an eCard, invitation or survey to 250 recipients at one time, with a single click.

If you need to send to more than 250 recipients, then that's easy, too. Simply send your eCard to the first 250 people, and once it's sent you'll see the option to ’copy card’ on the confirmation screen. Copy the card, add the next 250 names to the send list and click 'send'. You can easily repeat this process until all of your cards have been sent.

Why are eCards limited to 250 recipients per "send"?

The reason we limit the number of eCards to 250 recipients per "send" is that we achieve better deliverability by sending out smaller batches of emails. When you send larger 'blasts' of email, many web servers filter the results, suspecting that the email may be spam. By keeping the recipient number low, CorpNote maintains its reputation on the web as a person-to-person email tool, and not a mass marketing service.

Tips for managing larger eCard lists...

If your contacts are in your address book, it may help to know that there are 50 contacts per page and you can add everyone on a page by selecting the top left checkbox. So your first card would be sent to contacts on pages 1-5, the next card to contacts on pages 6-10, etc.

Tip - Many of our members organize their contacts into ’Groups’ in their address book so they can more easily send eCards to a larger volume of people. Since Groups are also limited to 250 people, you can preset your recipients into groups like 'group 1, group 2, group 3' to make selecting them faster when you are doing large mailings. Click here to view our tutorial on creating groups in your address book.


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