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Why should I use CorpNote to manage my invitations and responses when I could just use my email program and other software on my computer?


Here are some of the benefits that make our service valuable to you:

Save Time ~ CorpNote automatically tracks event responses and collates the results into concise attendance lists.

Improve Branding ~ the guest is presented with a consistent and memorable professionally-branded image throughout the invitation process.

Get Better Response Rates ~ as opposed to traditional email or postal mail, an online system lets you know who picks up your invitation, and lets you easily follow up to just those who have (or have not) responded or opened the invitation.

Easy Continued Contact ~ every time you send an invitation or people respond to your invitation, you have a consolidated list from which you can easily send future correspondence.

Save Money, Improve Relationships ~ beyond just managing events, eCards can be used for day-to-day correspondence with colleagues, friends and family. There are thousands of eCards available for holidays, events and other business occasions which are a cost-effective alternative to postal mail. 

Important Tip!

Want to know how successful your event was and what  you can improve upon for your next event? CorpNote also let's you easily create, send and track online surveys. It's all included in your monthly membership. Just set up your survey questions and then go to Invitations > Manage Responses. Select the event and choose to send a follow up eCard to the people that said yes. Include your survey in your eCard and send. It's that easy!


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