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How do I create a survey?

Answer: View our online survey tutorial with pictures or follow these easy steps:

1. In the navigation, go to Surveys > Create New Survey.

2. Enter your survey name and the opening text that you want your survey respondents to see.

3. Select the information you want to require from your users such as name, email and company. To make your survey responses 'anonymous', do not check any of the boxes.

4. Select the number of questions your survey contains. You can have up to 20 questions.

5. For each question you have a combination of choices.

You can select whether you want the response to be radio buttons (one selection) or checkboxes (multi-select) and then enter your answer labels. (Note: Only boxes with information in them will show on the survey.)

You can also select the checkbox next to 'Use Comments Box.' You can add or not add a label to appear above the box.

With the above 2 options, you can use one or the other or both. Experiment and see what works best for you. You can always change it.

6. Enter the confirmation message that your survey respondents will see when they are finished.

7. You can then Save your survey or Save Changes / Preview. If you click the 'Change Question Order,' your survey will be saved and you can change the order of your questions.


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