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Can I insert text from another program into my eCard?


Yes! But because each program works slightly differently, your results may vary. Some programs format the text you are copying and may give unexpected results when you paste the text into the CorpNote system.
Here are some general tips to get you started:
  • You can copy from virtually any program that allows you to highlight the text to select it, including web browsers.
  • Plain text (.txt) works great and contains no formatting, so you can safely format it using CorpNote's Compose tools.
  • RTF text usually copies and pastes well and can retain formatting.
  • MS Word has a mind of its own, and has lots of proprietary formatting. CorpNote will automatically recognize this and offer to remove the formatting. You can proceed and see if it looks OK as is, or whether it would be better to strip the formatting and use the built-in CorpNote text editing tools.
Remember - when you compose a CorpNote eCard or invitation, you will see the eCard text update in real time as you edit it, so you'll know what it looks like.

Next, learn your shortcuts...
To copy any text from virtually any program, highlight your source text and press 'Ctrl+C' (Command+C on Mac).
To paste, press 'Ctrl+C' (Command+C for Mac).

Alternately you can highlight your text and right click for the cut/copy/paste/delete commands. (Single-button Mac users can hold down the Command key and click to simulate a PC right click)

Cleaning up stubborn text...
If the text you are pasting is not what you expected, you can tell CorpNote to strip the formatting manually once you've copied it from the source. Here's how to do this. In the compose tools, click the icon labeled 'paste as text' and it will be inserted into the message area where you can then make changes.

Finally, an old trick to strip formatting is to simply paste your text into Notepad (Simple Text on Mac), and then copy it from there and paste it into the CorpNote message area.


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