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How do I send an invitation again to those who picked up the invitation eCard but have not responded?


Instructions for following up on an invitation to an event are a little different than the follow up to an eCard. Invitation follow ups have more options.

  • Go to Invitations > Manage Events and click the 'Invitation List' button next to the event you want to manage.
  • At the top of the screen you can select the option to send an eCard to people who 'did not respond'.
  • A selection list will appear where you can select an eCard template that you’ve previously created for the reminder eCard or you can click the button that says “Create eCard” to create a new, blank eCard.
  • Clicking on the invitee's name in the list will let you edit their contact information.

Note: if there are more than 250 invitees in your invitation list, the system creates 2 or more eCards in your "saved/scheduled" eCards bin, which you will need to send individually.

View the tutorial on how to use all of the features of the Invitation List feature of the Invitation Manager.


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