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Can I respond for someone who is on my invitation list?


Yes. In the navigation, go to Invitations > Manage Responses. Find the event and click the ’Add Response’ button. You will see an RSVP form very similar to what the guest sees when they respond to your invitation. Enter all of the details and click the ’Submit Response’ button.

When you ’add a response’ for someone and click ’submit response,’ the CorpNote system will check your original address list for a match on the email address or last name provided. If any of the people on your invitation list match, we will display those people and whether they've already responded. You can then select the matching person before submitting the RSVP, and they will be marked as having received the invitation and having responded. If you do not see a match, then select the option for ’use my response information’ as entered in the RSVP form below.

For more detailed instructions, visit our tutorial for the Invitation Manager - Managing Event Responses.


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