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If I send an animated eCard, will my recipients be able to open the eCard on their mobile devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc.)?


While there are some basic forms of animation that play on mobile devices, many don’t provide as rich an experience as Flash animation, which is what we use for our animated eCards. iPhones and iPads are still not able to play Flash animation, and the new generation of Android devices cannot either.

That doesn’t mean we’ve been ignoring this growing market segment. We have been adding more non-animated eCards and for our newer animated Flash eCards, we display a non-animated eCard so the recipient does not see a blank area where the eCard design should be. For Flash animated eCards, the recipient will see a subtle message that says, “This eCard contains Flash animation which cannot be displayed on this device.”

We recommend that you send an animated eCard to yourself and view it on a mobile device. This is the best way for you to see what your eCard recipients experience.


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