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What do I do if the event information sent with an invitation has changed?
Are invitations and surveys included in my eCard membership?
Why should I use CorpNote to manage my invitations and responses when I could just use my email program and other software on my computer?
How do I send an event reminder?
Can the invitation response manager track how many invitations have been opened, or just how many people have responded?
What if I have several eCards for the same event, will I have to manage separate invitation lists for the one event?
Can I have multiple events on the same day that people can individually sign up for?
When I send an invitation to someone, how many additional guests can they include in their response?
How do I view my invitation responses?
How do I add a view map option to my invitation?
Do you charge per eCard, survey or invitation?
What do I do if people respond (RSVP) to my invitation by phone or cancel after they said yes?
Do you charge per event or per online invitation?
Can I send different eCards, at different times, for the same event?
Can I use Surveys in combination with an Online Invitation?
What is the difference between an Invitation List and a Guest List?
I have sent several invitations with multiple guests on each invitation. Is there a consolidated invitation list that I can use to see who did not pick up the eCard and who did not respond?
Can I download my event guest list into MS Excel format?
Can I set an attendee limit for my event invitations so I won't get responses after I reach my limit?
When someone responds to my event invitation, can I receive an email notice?
If I manually add an attendee response to my event, will my invitation list be updated?
Can I respond for someone who is on my invitation list?
When I send an invitation, can I stop recipients from forwarding to people who are not on my invitation list?
How do I send an invitation again to those who picked up the invitation eCard but have not responded?


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