Automate the Sending of eCards - Month after Month and Year after Year

CorpNote's brand new Recurring Card tool now lets you completely automate the process of sending online holiday cards, birthday and anniversary cards, and any other online marketing campaign that you can dream up to build your business.

Here's how it works

1.) Select your eCard templates made from our card designs or your own

Choose from eCard templates that are made from our eCard designs or your own.

2.) Select the contacts you want to receive the recurring eCard

Select the contacts that should receive the recurring eCard.

3.) Choose the frequency or date to send the eCards and track pickup.

Choose the frequency or date for the eCards to be sent and track pickup.

You can send a recurring eCard on each person's birthdate or anniversary date, or you can synchronize your recurring campaign to send on a specific date or holiday. Schedule recurring eCards to be sent yearly, twice or four times a year or monthly. If you pick a holiday or anniversary date, you can even schedule the eCard to go out days before the event so you're never late! You can also randomize the eCard designs so your recipients don't receive the same eCard design.

Which CorpNote Plan is Right for You?   

Personalized Recurring eCards are Perfect For:

Never forget a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion:

For more information, view our Recurring eCard tutorials.

What people are saying about CorpNote

"This year my office decided to take an eco-friendly, fast approach to extending holiday greetings to company contacts... Using the CorpNote platform was fast, easy, stress free, and it reduced the cost (staff time and funds) dramatically."

~ Linda V. Leonard, Office Administrator, Premier Advocacy

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